Well Versed in…Seinfeld?

I will become an official Gorlok next week! I sign up for classes at Webster next Friday. To prepare me for registration, they sent me an email about “first year seminars” and “learning communities”. A learning community puts you with people with similar interests. There are three classes you can take in that learning community.

It is required that I take one first year seminar. They aren’t boring required classes like Personal Finance or Health, but fun classes like What Would Captain America Do?, Black Lives Matter, Michael Jackson, and, my favorite, Seinfeld: A Show about Nothing? Or Everything? In that class (from what I understood from the description) you watch Seinfeld and connect sociology and psychology to the episodes. A class where you get to watch one of the best shows? I think yes! Hopefully that class doesn’t get full before I sign up. I’ve got a couple of backup options, but they’re not as great as Seinfeld.

I want to get involved with some clubs at Webster, but I need to make sure I’m not overloading myself. I would love to be involved with their radio station (a DJ maybe?). I know for sure I’m joining their chapter of Audio Engineering Society (AES). AES is an amazing organization to be a part o especially if you want to get into the audio field. I believe they have an open directory to professionals in the field. Connections and networking are key.

I’m really excited to be starting my journey into professional audio soon, but the more the days go by, the more I’m already missing this school.

I think senioritis has come to full swing. I have a 5 page research paper due on Tuesday and a conference with my teacher about it either tomorrow or Friday, and I only have a really, really rough intro. A good 70 words. I should work on it tonight, but I’ve had rehearsal all week (sound for show choir) and rehearsal (theater) all last week, and I need to catch up on my sleep. Oh, and I have to have a 200+ page book read by next week, so I can write a review on it. I’m on page 34. I’ve renewed it 3 times. I just ordered it on Amazon, so I don’t have to keep renewing it. (The book is about how the song “Dancing in the Street” became the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement). I haven’t had time to read.

A whole other topic: I submitted a few of my photos to the art show, and at least five of them got printed and will be in the show! The art show runs this Saturday and Sunday 12-3:30 at Wildwood Community College.

I guess I have an essay to go write…


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