The Play, Police, and Parties

The play: Marquette’s play Leading Ladies is going on this weekend. The play is a comedy that is actually kind of funny. If you want to see two dudes dressed as women, then come see the last show tomorrow night at 7:00pm! Tonight’s show was a disaster to us involved, but the audience didn’t even notice. One of the actors was supposed to be onstage but didn’t come on until a good 120 seconds later. However, I’m very proud of the actors who ad-libbed and improvised stuff while they were waiting for her to get on stage. It looked very natural. I think the issue was that there was a costume mix up.

Police: I knew the day would come. Tonight I got pulled over for the first time. I was pulling into Steak ‘n Shake (the only place open at 10:00pm) to hang out with the booth crew, and I see red, white, and blue flashing behind me. I have a lot of anxiety, so let’s just say a panic attack was imminent. All that went through my head: complete confusion, and did he pull me over because I went five over on Clarkson on a short stretch of road?? So, he walked up to my car and I look at him like a deer in the headlights. I think the only reason he didn’t ask if I knew why he pulled me over was because my face said it all. I had no idea why in the world he chose to rain on my parade. He asked for my license and insurance but I couldn’t find my insurance. After about twenty seconds (that felt like three minutes) of searching, I found it. Right where I put it. He then looks in the back of my (messy) car and sees a clear, plastic, empty bottle. He was wondering what it was. My short little arms couldn’t reach it, but it was just sparkling water that fell out of my cup holder. Then he asked if I was drinking. He told me the reason he pulled me over was because I have a headlight that was out. He gave me a warning then left. Meanwhile, my friends were inside Steak ‘n Shake taking pictures :/. They’re never going to let me live this down. It was so embarrassing. This is what I get for telling my friend that I want to live a little.

Parties: No, not the music and dancing kind, the amount of people kind of parties. When I finally calmed down and stopped shaking from just being pulled over, I walked into Steak ‘n Shake, and there were only three workers and a bunch of large groups. When the waitress came, I asked to order in two separate tables (there were about 13 of us), so we didn’t have cold food by the time all of the orders were done. My plan actually worked, however it backfired when the uninvited people I barely know showed up and stole my grilled cheese. My table ordered first, so we get our food first. Honestly, that’s not a hard concept. Anyway, if you go somewhere like that with a large group, ask to split up into tables. You’ll get your drinks and food faster.


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