Sound for the Spanish Concert

Today I had the opportunity (for the second and last time) to run sound for Javier Mendoza. Javier is a touring and recording artist, so being able to stick my toes in the water of exactly what I want to do (mix for touring artists) was an amazing opportunity. I love working with bands and artists like Javier. This past summer, I mixed monitors for a couple bands at Delmar Hall. I’ve never been so sure of my career path after that concert.

Both of the guys that performed today were very nice; however, I now understand what the 5% of women in audio have to deal with daily. This morning when I was setting up, I had a fellow sound crew member with me, so I could train him for next year (when I’m gone). I was talking with the bass player to see what he needed. He was not articulating what he needed very well, so I looked at him confused. He continued to say to me, “go ask your sound guy” and pointed to my trainee! I missed the opportunity to say I am the sound guy!, but I’m not the type of person to speak up for myself. The bass player had the attitude that he was a little bit better because he is a musician.

If this kind of stuff happens in my career, then I’ve got a looong career ahead of me. I’m proud to be able to represent the 5% in a couple of years.

In the end, though, everyone had a good time and I got a couple compliments from Javier for mixing the monitors and house. I can’t wait until this is what I do everyday (and get paid for it!).


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