Crunch Time Part 2 and Paris

Here I am again the night before my state competition pieces are due. I procrastinated again…We don’t have as much left to do as last time, but these edits are going to take some time. I have to edit the feature article I wrote for our magazine spread; I really need to cut down on wordiness. I’m so used to writing in detail, so I kinda got carried away with that. I originally wrote the whole thing ten minutes before our projects were due. Let’s just say it wasn’t my best work. There was an incomplete sentence in there even (oops).  I have one of my FBLA advisers as a teacher, so I’ve been working on the projects in her class. In one of her other classes, she has a freshman who wants to become Marquette’s newspaper editor, so she gave her my article to edit. Some of her edits were good, but some confused me. She’s good at cutting back wordiness, but needs to work on grammar just a tad bit more. I really appreciate the help from her, though.

Both of our projects are due tomorrow at 5, so it looks like we’ll be working up until the bell again.

EIGHT DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR PARIS! I’m beyond excited to go to Paris for spring break. The teacher taking our group just emailed us saying that we will most likely go to the Catacombs in our free time. On the last day of our trip, we will meet our pen pals. I want to bring her something truly american, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. We’re already bringing them Marquette lanyards. In France, they don’t typically wear lanyards, so that’s kinda cool for them.

I just learned that it’s going to be rainy and a little cold while we’re there. Let’s just hope that the river levels stay down, so I can go on that river cruise on the last day. I’m going to try to see if we are going to be close to the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried. I would love to just take five minutes out of my day to see that.

I’m a little anxious to be flying for about eight or so hours. The longest I’ve flown was to Orlando when I was six, and the most recent was to Nashville (45 minutes). To pass the time, I’ll read and maybe continue to write my story (that I haven’t touched in a couple months…). This trip will make my senior year.


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