Taking Criticism…

…is a hard thing to do. Today I received the scoring guides (with comments and all) for my two FBLA competitions.

For the Graphic Design competition, there were two judges, and that is evident from their comments. One judge loved our cover, spread, and announcement, while the other one called them “distracting”. Having these two contradicting opinions really makes it hard to change the design. Naturally, I disagree with some of the judges comments, but I can’t do anything about it. One judge gave us a 100% on this competition and the other gave us a 75%.

We had one judge grade our website (the actual project not performance). This judge gave us vague suggestions on how we need to fix it, but with the rubric, we know what to fix (just not how yet). All of the judges (performance and project) loved the logo. The logo actually came from me being lazy and hitting the “duplicate layer” button on photoshop. Good things come from ugly disasters (aka the first logo design).

We spent a lot of time on these projects (well a lot of time at the last minute…). We’re going to take these critiques and run. Hopefully we’ll run all the way to Baltimore to compete at nationals. I can’t wait until state competition in April!


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