FBLA Prejudged and Performance Scores

Today we got our prejudged and performance scores back. The prejudged score is for the projects (graphic design spread, website) themselves, and the performance score is for our presentations that we gave at the mall on Friday.

Our Prejudged score for Graphic Design:

  • Judge 1: 100/100
  • Judge 2: 75/100

Our prejudged score for Website Design:

  • Total score: 185/200(??) (they don’t have the scores separated by judge)

Our performance score for Graphic Design:

  • Judge 1: 100/100 (there was only one judge…the other one did not show up)

Our performance score for Website Design:

  • Judge 1: 100/100
  • Judge 2: 100/100

Our averaged score (prejudged and performance) for Graphic Design: 93.75

Our averaged score for Website Design: 95.5

I am very happy with these scores! It is a good base to work off of. Naturally, our goal is to at least be able to compete in nationals in Baltimore during the summer. I thought we wouldn’t even get out of districts, so competing at state is like a dream come true (cheesy and cliche, I know).

This is the first year in eight years that Marquette has had an active FBLA chapter. We came back strong with over 10 people going to state! An FBLA advisor from Rockwood Summit came in and helped us earlier this year, and we edged her out in several competitions. They placed second to my team in Graphic Design and Website Design.

Winning feels nice…hopefully we can continue on and be one of the four teams representing the state of Missouri at nationals!

Let the hard work and stress begin again.


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