Artist Spotlight: Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

Dave Grohl is adave_grohl_1380768n incredibly talented singer, guitar player, drummer, and songwriter. He began his career at the young age of twenty one with a band called Scream. It was at one of his Scream gigs that Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic first discovered Grohl. They were in search of an energetic and an all around amazing drummer. They found exactly what they were looking for at this gig. Soon after, Cobain invited Grohl to jam with them in Seattle to see if he was a good fit–he was. Novoselic said, “We knew within two minutes he was the right drummer.” It wasn’t until after Cobain announced the lineup change that he informed Dan Peters, their drummer at the time, that he just lost his seat behind the drums. Peters was only in the band long enough to track one single, “Sliver”. Grohl’s first day in his short lived Nirvana career was September 22, 1990.

A few months after Grohl’s arrival, Nirvana released their most famous album, Nevermind, in 1991. It was from this album that they received a number one hit that launched them into worldwide stardom. After their success, Nirvana went on to release only a couple more studio/live albums before the tragic death of front man Kurt Cobain.

Cobain’s death, in April of 1994, left Grohl shocked and lost, but instead of fading away, Grohl took several months off. In these few months, he decided that he needed to get back into music.

1995 saw the birth of a new band: Foo Fighters (Grohl’s newest project). Grohl used the residual pain and sorrow he had from Cobain’s death to write, record, and produce the Foo Fighter’s first album. Yes, Dave Grohl single-handedly tracked each instrument, wrote every note/lyric, and mixed the entire album. Also, he did all of this in just one week. This is pretty amazing considering that some artists today don’t even write their own songs, let alone play an instrument.

Shortly after the release of the initial album, Grohl put together the rest of the band. Foo Fighters currently have nine albums out. Their newest album (2017) is called Concrete and Gold. The Foo Fighters proved that they are still in the game by claiming the 2018 Grammy for Best Rock Song for their newest single “Run” (from Concrete and Gold), edging out Metallica’s “Atlas, Rise”.

Grohl is so incredibly dedicated to his music and fans. In 2015, he fell off the stage and broke his leg, however, that didn’t stop him. He continued to play as a medical team put his leg in a splint. He finished out the show, then he went to a hospital to get it checked.

The future for the Foo Fighters still looks bright and full of success. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

(The Foo Fighters will be making a stop in St. Louis this year for their Concrete and Gold tour.)


One thought on “Artist Spotlight: Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

  1. In a lot of the Foo Fighters’ songs you can tell they were written by a drummer. For example, Everlong and All My Life. (A drummer pointed this out to me once.)
    I heard he’s a pretty down to Earth guy too.

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