Grow Up and Learn Respect.

It’s time to give a damn about your bad reputation. Who thinks that the second they step into a four star hotel is the perfect time to act like a self centered, reckless idiot?

Being a part of the International Thespian Society is an honor meant to reflect and praise your contributions to your theatre company. It is something that you have to work hard for. However, your reputation of being an honorable ITS member can be gone in a second. Today was a good example of this. Our theatre director was pulled aside by several other theatre directors and people at the conference. She even received a call from the Missouri State ITS people. They told her how poorly the Marquette kids were acting: yelling obscenities, yelling in general, and being rude and disruptive.

I mean, seriously how hard is it to act your age and respect the facility you’re at as well as the people in it–whether you know them or not?? A lot of people have the attitude of “It doesn’t matter. I won’t ever see them again.” They might forget your face, but your reputation stands. At least be a decent enough person to think about someone or something other than yourself for three days. Just three days.

After we saw the required main stage play, our theatre director told us to sit and wait. As soon as everyone around us left, she let us have it. She went off on the entire group, getting as loud as she could without yelling. She was saying how angry and disappointed she was in all of us and threatened to take away our privilege of going to next year’s Missouri state ITS conference in Kansas City.

It was hard sitting there being yelled at for something I know for a fact I didn’t do (especially since I hate being yelled at). This whole weekend, I’ve been trying so hard to give Marquette a good name. Guess that was for nothing. But being respectful is just something I do. It’s something nobody should have to force. You should already know how to be respectful. I’m still puzzled by why or how people can act this poorly towards other people.

It’s time to grow up.

I’ll post about a dialogue writing session I did as well as how we/I did in tech challenge later.

Time to sleep.


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