ALL OF MY COMPETITION STUFF IS TURNED IN! It’s been a long month and a half of procrastinating and a long week of getting no sleep. If I learned one thing from doing these projects, it’s that you should not procrastinate. But when I procrastinate, I do my best work. Every paper I’ve ever written was written between 9pm and 1am the night before–not gonna lie.

I’m currently on my way to a fancy Marriott hotel downtown (I forget the name of it) for the ITS conference. My extended long weekend starts today. We’ll see how the tech challenge goes…we are not prepared whatsoever. Oh well. I guess it’s just a “for fun” kind of thing.

I’m making a lot of progress on my new story. I might post what I have so far later. We’ll see. I have an introduction and the beginning to the first part (chapter?) and it’s already half the length of my other story, One Shot. I’m focusing on expanding little moments and adding more detail. I’m still not sure if I’m going to just keep it a short story or not. When I have down time this weekend I’m going to work on it more.


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