Belated Christmas Gift

This year (well I guess it’s last year now) my friends, who live in different states, and I decided to exchange Christmas gifts. We pretty much have the same sense of humor which is great. My gifts to them were all from inside jokes.

Today, I got a box in the mail from my friend in Ohio. She kept messaging me that I’m going to love it. I’ve been really curious this past week as to know what it is that she sent me. I open the box to find this inside:IMG_6169

It’s a candle and at the bottom of the label, it says, “Saint Tom Petty”. This is probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. I was in no way expecting this to show up in the mail. It just adds to the humor of it all. I think she understands my love for his music.

In other news, I’ll have a link to the website I’m creating for my competition up here before the night is over. Again, any feedback would be awesome.

I finally got around to taking my Business Law competitive test. I feel okay about it. Some of the questions were the same as the ones I looked over last night. Hopefully my score will be high enough to take me to the state competition. Fingers crossed.


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