Crunch Time

My sister and I finally started our website and graphic design projects for our FBLA. competitions. Our team is just me and her. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to have siblings, with different ways of doing things, to work on the same team. Lots of arguments. It’ll eventually get done. The topic of the website is all about helping people get a job and prepare for an interview. I should be an expert by now about interviews. I think I had three or four interviews before I got hired.

I’ll post a link to our website on here  tomorrow or Monday. Feedback on it would be great and very much appreciated.

We have to submit each project on Wednesday by 5pm. I leave for my ITS (International Thespian Society) Conference on Wednesday right after school. Hopefully my sister can get everything submitted properly without me.

Speaking of the ITS Conference, I’m currently preparing for tech challenge. There is a challenge for each part of technical theater (lights, sound, costume, stage, etc.). I get to do the sound challenge. I’m actually kind of nervous for it. Yeah, I know how to patch a board through an EQ, amp, and speaker, but I’ll be the only one on this challenge. Also, there is a sheet, that I basically have to memorize, that tells me what to do in what order. I’ll admit that I don’t have the best memory in the world. We’ll see how this goes. It’ll be fun. Plus, the conference will have audio workshops and seminars. One of the speakers works for the Walt Disney Company creating audio, show control, and network designs that are used at many of the theme parks and resorts worldwide. One of his current projects is the Hong Kong Disneyland expansion project. He’s going to show us and talk about some new technology in sound that he (the company he’s at?) is working on. This conference will be worth missing two days of school for.


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