It has finally hit full force. Coming back from this winter break in particular was extremely hard to do. Frankly, I have lost all motivation to do any school work. Knowing this would happen, I put easy classes in my schedule and dropped my hardest class. But this still hasn’t done much as a cure for senioritis.

Technically, I only need to pass Senior Composition to graduate. So far, that class isn’t too bad since, well, I like to write. However, the pace is quick. Our first assignment is due Friday, but a handwritten rough draft is due tomorrow. The paper is a writing autobiography. Basically, we are writing about how we write, our feelings towards writing, and things of that nature. It seems like a simple assignment, but I just don’t want to do it.

To add to all of this inevitable procrastination, I still haven’t started preparing for my competitions for FBLA. I have to create an entire website, logo and all, and create a magazine spread for a separate competition. All of this prejudged stuff is due in seven days. Oh, and I still haven’t studied for my competitive test, which is on Friday.

Only 91 school days until graduation.


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