More College Applications?

I thought that I was already decided on attending Webster University, but I found two other schools I’d like to apply to. One is Middle Tennessee State University. MTSU is within an hour of Nashville–a great location for studying audio production. I’ve heard nothing but good things. The only downside to this school is the cost. Out of state tuition is very expensive, and I don’t know how much in merit scholarship they give. The other school I would love to go to is Belmont University. Belmont is in Nashville, two miles from music row (a street full of recording studios). Again, a great place to study audio production. Their out of state tuition is also very expensive.

At this point, I don’t know if it’s even worth my time to fill out these applications and spend money to send ACT scores, etc. It just seems like these schools, even with scholarships, will be too expensive. In the future, though, I’d love to live in Nashville. There seems to be a lot of opportunities for jobs there. Webster requires their students to complete an internship. Maybe I’ll find a good internship in Nashville to make up for not going to school there. I just wish college wasn’t so expensive.


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