Trans-Siberian Orchestra


I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra today for the fourth time. This band never disappoints! Every year they tour a new or different Christmas show. This year they toured Ghost of Christmas Eve again, but they had a new, creative stage setup. The drum and keyboard riser in front of the center screen rose up and down. (pictured below) And this year they used more pyro, lasers, and fireworks. IMG_6063

The talent in this band is truly amazing. They have some incredible and powerful rock singers including Jeff Scott Soto. He has worked with acts like Yngwie Malmsteen, Joel Hoekstra (current guitarist for Whitesnake), and Journey. He was the lead singer in Journey for one year (2006-07). He is one of the best rock singers still around today. They also have an amazing jazz/rock singer; his raspy voice and low/deep vocal range stole the show. Alongside their talented singers, they have very talented guitar players (I don’t remember the names). They can take classical and classic Christmas tunes and turn them into electrifying Rock. These guys can shred like no other, especially on their famous rendition of Carol of the Bells.

Earlier this year, a man by the name of Paul O’Neil passed away. Paul was the founder, producer, creative mind, and heart of TSO. Towards the end of the show, they performed an original song to honor the genius work of Paul. But, before they did the song, they were talking about things he always did and said. They mentioned that Paul always said, “Individually, we are finite, but together, we are infinite.”

I can’t wait to see what new things they do next year with their music and stage setup. Hopefully I can make it to the five timer’s club next year. And, as always, I recommend that you go see them the next time they come around. My family has made it tradition to see them every year. It’s worth going at least one time in your life.


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