Guns N Roses Manager

I just got a text message from my brother, “do you know who Doug Goldstein is?” I didn’t, so I googled him. This guy managed Guns N Roses for close to twenty years and he’s the CEO of a music (managing?) company called Big FD international entertainment. My brother then sends me a picture of him, his friend, and Doug Goldstein in a gas station of all places. My brother’s friends have his phone number, and I am currently trying to get his email to ask him some questions (and maybe get my foot in the door of the music world?). Doug is taking my brother’s friends out to lunch soon. I’m very jealous. I’m still trying to nudge my way into this lunch, buuuuuut my brother would never go out of his way to do something for me. It doesn’t help that this guy lives out of state either.

I’ll just go back to watching This is Spinal Tap and thinking of ways I can kiss up to my brother and his friends. (suggestions are welcome) Updates to come…


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