Interesting Concert Experiences

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but there are some that stick out in my memory; some interesting stuff happened at these concerts.

The most recent concert was Guns N Roses. We bought our cheap $35 seats the night before the concert, so we sat at the top of the bowl. Apparently rules don’t apply to people sitting at the top of the bowl. We went up the four sets of escalators it took to get us up there, and started for our seats. We accidentally went up the wrong section, and we were smacked in the face with the scent of weed. Man, someone was having a great time and started the party early. The same thing happened at the Steve Miller Band concert I went to. We bought cheap tickets and sat at the top of the bowl at the Family Arena. Some guy decided to light up. I mean, it was a Steve Miller Band concert; it was kind of expected.

I went to go see Tom Petty at the Sprint Center in Kansas City over the summer. We originally went to meet with his FOH sound engineer, so again, we got last minute cheap tickets at the top of the bowl. I feel like most of the people that sit that far up are just going to say they went, honestly. At least that’s what it felt like in the section I was sitting in. Just about every five minutes, during Tom’s set, these girls kept getting up and leaving. They were messing up some of my videos; looking back at these videos now only makes me angrier at them. They didn’t do this during Joe Walsh’s set. And to keep with the theme of drugs, some guy dropped his spit cup down the insanely steep staircase. It splattered on almost everyone sitting on the end of the row. That was very disgusting.

When I went to see Styx for the first time, Foreigner and Don Felder were touring with them. I managed to sneak up for the last two sets. Styx was the headliner, so Don Felder went first, followed by Foreigner. At the end of Foreigner’s set, they were throwing out left over picks. After the band left the stage, we were looking for picks that ended up on the ground. There was this lady next to us who was trying to get one that landed between the barrier and the stage, so my sister tried to help her out. Well, my sister accidentally knocked it into a grate, never to be seen again. I have never seen a face that looked so evil. I was afraid that she was going to yell at us or punch us or something. That was terrifying.

I got to see Rush at their 40th anniversary tour, which ended up being their last tour. Originally, my dad got us floor seats as a birthday gift. We ended up selling those to get seats in the stands because we knew this was going to be a concert where everyone stood the entire time–it was. My sister and I are too short to be standing on the floor. However, even in our seats in the stands, we had to stand on our chairs the entire time…Concert life is rough when you’re short.

A more recent cool concert experience was at the Styx show this summer; they toured with Don Felder and REO Speedwagon. I, of course, made my way to the barrier, which was only about four rows in front of us this time. Styx was the second set followed by REO. I wore my Styx The Mission shirt (which came from the pre order bundle I got). On the back it says “Mission crew” to go along with the theme of their new (2017) concept album.  A couple of older people, wearing the same shirt, come up to me, “nice to meet a fellow crew member!” It was weird, but it was fun; they were nice people.

And finally, at just about every concert, there is an annoying drunk couple or group of people that sit around me. They are an interesting group of people to watch, though.


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