Writing a New Story

Before this year, I had always wanted to write a book. I was able to write a short story this semester. It’s everything I thought it would be; it was such a cool experience. I have decided to continue to write, despite the lack of time I have (between work and after school activities).

Just today, I started the process of writing another story. I want to try and write a longer story, rather than a six page short story. My family and close friends told me that they loved One Shot, so why not write another story?

The title of my new story is There are Stars in the Southern Sky. (yes those are lyrics from an Eagles song) It’s about a man who lost most of his childhood memories due to emotionally traumatic experiences as a child. One of the only memories he still has is of his father, and how he used to take him and his brother stargazing every single night. Now, he only remembers the good memories of him and his father. Something will lead him to travel, and each place he goes, he will come across something that will spark his memory.

I’m still working on the plot and general outline, but I’m just going to dive into my first draft and see where it takes me. Hopefully this isn’t a project that will get abandoned in the near future.


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