I’ve never done anything like stand up comedy before. I’ve always been interested in comedy in general, but never knew how to go about writing it. I remember when SNL was celebrating their 40th year, VH1 Classic (now MTV Classic) ran episodes from every season. I binge watched at least a couple from each season, starting with the original 1975 cast. It was probably the musical guests that drew me in. I think my favorite cast is the one in the late ’80s/early ’90s, or the “overpopulation” cast. You can’t beat Spade, Farley, Sandler, Meadows, and everyone else from that era. I never knew how much went into writing a simple joke. The pros make it look so easy; I guess that’s why they’re professionals.

In eighth grade, at the end of the year, we did a short comedy unit. (That’s the first time I was introduced to Jerry Seinfeld and his show). We didn’t really try writing jokes; we were just exposed to that world. That unit actually came right after my grandma passed away. It was nice to be able to laugh like that after awhile. Maybe that’s what got me hooked on it.

Friday was a cool experience–something different. Now, I’m not that great at writing jokes, but that’s what practice is for, right? I’m not looking to do open mics or anything like that, just looking for laughs among my friends. After all, the process of writing is kind of fun–frustrating, but fun.


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