Top Ten Favorite Singers

10.  Joey Tempest (Europe)

9. Tom Scholz (Boston)

8. Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)

7. Tommy Shaw (Styx)

6. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

5. Ronnie James Dio (Dio)

4. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

3. Klaus Meine (Scorpions)

2. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

1. Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

There’s something special about these singers. They all have that innate talent of singing. You sure don’t hear voices like these anymore, which is a shame. Something that sets these guys apart from the rest is the emotion they convey through their voice. If you listen to songs like 18 and Life by Skid row, you can hear the raw emotion. At the end of the song (last line?), the lyrics are “that child blew a child away.” Sebastian sings it so well. I Remember You is also a really good example of this.

All of these singers have such a good range, which, for most, is still there. Even after all of these years, they can still sing in the original keys (those that are still alive). They are all powerhouses. Just imagine if we had talent like these guys today. And I don’t mean talent with the help of auto tune. I think there would be more focus on live concerts rather than just buying a digital copy of the song.

Hell, if I could make money doing it, I would run my own record label; I would probably use older means of recording like reel to reel, or something like that. I would have a completely analogue studio, meaning nothing would be done on the computer. It would be fun giving real talent a chance to shine. Unfortunately, as much as I want to do that, it probably wouldn’t make me any money. I’ll just stick to being a live sound engineer. I always tell people that if I retire from the road, I’m going to do studio work. My ultimate goal, if I were to do recording, is opening up my own studio. I guess we’ll just see where life takes me.


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