I should be saving up for college, but I’m blowing my money on concert tickets. It’s wroth it, right? My most recent purchase is tickets to see my all-time favorite band, Styx, in Springfield on March 24. I had to make a tough decision, though. It was either Styx tickets or Eagles tickets. As much as I love the Eagles, I had to go with Styx. This’ll be my fifth Styx concert (and counting). They are still touring with REO Speedwagon, and Head East will open for both of them this concert. I’m beyond excited. We somehow managed to get fifth row tickets! Too bad the meet and greet tickets were way too expensive.

I’m kind of disappointed that Styx no longer throws out merch to the crowd; their drummer, Todd Suchermann, doesn’t even throw out his drum sticks anymore. He got hit with a lawsuit from a fan who accidentally got hit in the face from one of his drum sticks.

There have been so many great concert announcements in the past couple of weeks: Jethro Tull, Foreigner with Whitesnake and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening, Eric Johnson, and The Eagles. I’m excited to see what’s going to be announced next. I need to start saving up for these shows…


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