The topic I chose for my essay is audio/music. I started to do research on audio and came across some very cool things. So, the average range of human hearing in decibels (dB) (volume) is 0dB (perfect hearing in an infant) to the pain threshold of about 130 dB. A rock concert sits at about 110dB. No wonder I have some hearing damage…

There is this room in Minneapolis, MN known as the “quietest place on Earth.” This room sits at Orfield Laboratories Inc.  It is called an anechoic, which is Latin for no echo, chamber. This room has earned a couple world records for being the quietest room on the planet. The noise level is recorded as a -9.4 dBA (decibels A-weighted). Most people, who have been in the chamber for a period of time, have reported that they could hear the blood flowing through their brain, and hear their own heart beating. They actually allow tours here. There are three different tours, but the most expensive one is $250. This one allows you to look at the research equipment, and allows you to learn about what actually happens to your senses in this kind of silence. They also let you sit in the chamber for half an hour. I would love to go see this place!  Sounds like a fun road trip.



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