At work, I was recently “promoted” to trainer for the Courtesy Clerks (baggers). Apparently they trusted me enough to teach others how to do this job. It really isn’t that hard, but hey I get an extra fifty cents an hour while I’m training. So far, I have trained four people. My first trainee quit after two weeks; I wonder if it’s because he got bad training. Oh well. My second trainee is still there. His twin brother works in the same department. I worked with him for the first time, since I trained him, last night. It’s probably been a month since I’ve trained him. I just trained two more people on Friday and Saturday. It’s hard training two people at once. I felt like a babysitter to them; I had to make sure that they kept the cold stuff with the cold stuff and things like that.

About six people either quit or got fired. It all happened within a two week time frame. I’m getting more hours, so that’s kind of nice. I worked about twenty hours this week and twenty hours last week. Now, I’m the only trainer and part time girl working in my department. There’s an older lady who normally works in the mornings, but she’s the only other girl in this department. There are some girls who moved back to bakery that sometimes come and bag to pick up more hours, though. And of the four new people I have trained, all of them were guys.

I’m finally getting a nice long break from work. I’m off until Thursday. I need time to prepare myself for the week of Christmas. If it’s anything like the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it’s going to be busy. People decide to wait until the last minute to buy their Christmas hams and other holiday groceries. At least we’ll be getting holiday pay. I can’t wait until January because that’s when everything will go back to normal, and the Christmas music will finally end. If I hear Silver Bells one more time…



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