Pre-Concert Season

The last few months of the year are always the hardest; the concert season officially comes to an end. During winter and spring, there’ll be a few acts who come through, but not many. A lot of those acts come through and play at the casino…a place where I can’t go. It stinks because acts like Dennis DeYoung, Roger Hodgson (original voice of Supertramp), and America play there.

Some upcoming shows I’m excited for are Trans-Siberian Orchestra (December 26th), The Rock Pack (February 10th), and The Eagles- announced this morning (March 18th). The Rock Pack consists of Lou Gramm (original voice of Foreigner), John Payne (former singer of Asia),  Kelly Keagy (former singer of Night Ranger), and Steve Augeri (former singer of Journey who replaced original voice, Steve Perry after he left). I still need to get my tickets to this. It sounds like an amazing concert. The Eagles announced this morning that they will be coming to St. Louis on March 18th (Graham Nash is also in town that night). This would be an amazing way to spend my 18th birthday. This lineup consists of a mostly reunited band, with Glenn Frey’s son filling his dad’s big shoes. Timothy B. Schmit (bass player after original bass player, Randy Meisner, left), Don Henley, and Joe Walsh are also a part of this lineup. Still no Don Felder in the lineup, though. I’ve been lucky enough to see Don Felder live twice. He seems to be doing better off without the rest of The Eagles.

Within the next two to three months, bands are going to start announcing their big, extensive summer tours. I’m hoping bands like Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Queen+ Adam Lambert, and bigger acts like them come to or near St. Louis. It’s always like a second Christmas when I hear these announcements. It’s also fun to try to guess who the “big announcement” is.


One thought on “Pre-Concert Season

  1. I saw The Eagles at Busch in 2009 or ’10 (Dixie Chicks opened), and they sounded great. It’s fun because you’ll know just about every song on their setlist and they play a long one. (Not G’nR long though!) haha


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