Prepping for Paris

For twelve years now, it’s been my dream to walk along the banks of the Seine River in Paris. Growing up, my room was littered with Paris decor. My walls were covered with posters of Paris landmarks; you could barely see the lavender paint. My quilt was covered with French words. I also had a giant decal of the Eiffel Tower on my wall with the words, “Je t’aime Paris.” That was a pain to scrape off when I repainted my walls. Before I redid my room, I counted the various Eiffel Towers in my room, whether they were knick-knacks, pillows, posters, lamps, or whatever. The total was in the two-hundreds. Yeah, I may have been a little obsessed.

I’m only 102 days and $712 (out of $3600) away from getting to Paris with other French students from Marquette. I only have two payments left! Every week, 100% of my paycheck goes towards my payment plan. I’ve been paying for the last eight months; it hasn’t been easy, but it’s going to be worth it. I feel like working hard for something gives me more satisfaction than being given something.

Right now, I have two suitcases, one big and one medium sized. My French teacher suggested that I only bring a smaller suitcase just in case I have to carry it up stairs or around road work. I’ll probably end up just bringing the bigger one and a carry on bag. I’ve got to have enough space to bring back souvenirs.

We depart on March 10th and get back March 17th, the day before my eighteenth birthday. Too bad this is a school-sponsored trip; in France, you can drink wine at sixteen and hard liquor at eighteen. If this wasn’t a school-sponsored trip, I would’ve missed the second drinking age requirement by one day. Darn.  I mean, this is an immersive trip. We should be able to fully immerse ourselves in French culture.

On this trip, we will be taking French language classes in the morning, and we will be exploring the city in the afternoon/evening. Each day has a theme. I know for sure that one day I will be taking an art class and the next day, I will be taking a cooking class. On the first day, we will be going to the Eiffel Tower! This is truly a dream come true. On the other days, we will be visiting Le Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre, Notre Dame, and other famous landmarks. On the last day, we will be taking a river cruise on the Seine River (the river that cuts through the middle of Paris) right before we head to the airport to come home. I hope that beats the river tours on the Huck Finn downtown on the Mississippi River.

Does anyone have any tips to get through a long plane ride? The longest plane ride that I’ve been on (that I remember) was forty-five minutes to Nashville. Any book suggestions? Music suggestions? Anything that will make the eight or more hours fly by (pun intended)? Also, does anyone have any tips to deal with jet lag? I haven’t been on a plane long enough to experience it, but with this trip, it’s going to be inevitable. And, does anyone have any suggestions for sleeping on a plane? Does that Dream Water stuff they sell at the airport really work?


4 thoughts on “Prepping for Paris

    1. I loved The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Huckleberry Finn. I’m open to pretty much any type of story, but I like more realistic fiction. Maybe something with a deeper meaning. I like classics, but I’m looking for something that I’ve never heard of.

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