Childhood Games

The other day I got to hang out with some people I haven’t seen since August. They were away at college; one was in Rolla and the other, Savannah, Georgia. We got to talking about our childhoods. We were reminiscing about the types of games we played as children. Anything from board games to video games.

My family used to be really big on board games and card games. My mom found a video of me and my siblings playing Blackjack when we were about four and five. That might explain why my counting skills were really good up to twenty one. We also played Monopoly, Twister, Mouse Trap, Candyland, and Disney Scene-It a lot. And when my grandma was still around, we played Scrabble with her. No one ever beat grandma.

After the craze of board games died down in my house, we were introduced to electronic games. The first gaming device (if you can call it that) that I had was a silver Game Boy. I remember asking for the little game cartridges for my birthday and Christmas. I had games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, and probably some type of pet game. I remember going into Game Stop one day to trade in my Game Boy for a DS. Before we left, we each got to pick one new game for our DS.

At the same time we had our quickly-evolving handheld devices, we had a Gamecube. I remember when two of us played, one of us had to sit on the floor because the cord wasn’t long enough. We would always fight over who got the one with the longer cord.

Eventually, the Gamecube turned into a Wii, which turned into a Playstation. On the Playstation, I remember playing games like LittleBigPlanet and Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero was the game that won my heart. That was my game of choice; you could always find me playing that. At one point, I played so well that I was playing some of the hardest songs on level expert. My third grade teacher and I had a little battle going. I guess I ended up winning; she was on the medium level while I was on expert. This game also exposed me to some great bands and artists: Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sweet, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Pearl Jam, and a whole lot more. This is one of the few games I still play.

I’m glad I didn’t grow up with an iPhone in my hand. I got to be social and actually talk to my friends face-to-face. I was even able to be social while battling them on Mario Kart.


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