Facing Anxieties 

To be a part of Future Business Leaders of America, each memeber needs to participate in three competitions. My competitions are Website Design, Business Law, and Graphic Design. 

Website Design and Graphic Design are both performance events. This means that I have to present my website and my graphic design spread to a panel of judges. I hate talking in front of people, especially those judging my work, about anything I’ve created. I get really anxious and shaky when I do speak in front of people. But, my goal this year is to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been hiding in a comfortable place for too long. I need to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

When I was in my Business Entrepreneurship class last year, I was the Marketing Vice President of our company, Liberty Longsleeves. Part of my job was to present the marketing portion of our business plan to the administrators and a Junior Achievement representative. It went…ok. However, out of three companies, we were the only one to get approved the first time. Later on, our annual report was good enough to let us compete for an award. We had to present to industry professionals at JA. That was terrifying. In the end, though, our class was the only class (from Marquette) to place top three in the St. Louis region for the whole year (out of the 6 companies/classes from Marquette). 

I guess my point of this is that whenever I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, nothing but good things resulted from it. I don’t know what I’m so afraid of. 


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