How I Started Listening to Classic Rock

Why do you listen to the music that you do? How did you get into that stuff?  These are questions I get asked all the time. They’re almost always asked by adults. I remember sitting in math class when our TA asked me what concert shirt I was wearing. (The kid behind me was trying to figure out what state ON was…) I said Whitesnake. He was shocked, in a good way, because he didn’t think I listened to that kind of music. The same thing happened when I shadowed Trish Gazall, a radio host at KEZK, last year. We were talking  about target audiences, and she said, “…and you probably listen to Z107.7?” She was surprised when I said that I listened to KSHE.

Anyway, how I got into this music started out as a joke. My dad decided to put some 80s music onto my MP3 player when I was about seven. So, I had Hannah Montanna, Taylor Swift, A Flock of Seagulls, The Bangles, Queen, and Rick Springfield on my MP3 player. I also had that one song “867-5309 (Jenny)” on there too. Yes, I was that one kid walking down the sidewalk singing “Jenny I got your number. I need to make you mine…” My parents thought this was hilarious. After about a year of this music, I decided to see what other songs my dad had. For some reason, I got hooked on Queen. I made my dad put all of the queen songs he had (only a couple) onto my MP3 player. Over the next couple of years, I still listened to pop music, but I was slowly introducing myself to some of the classics. There came a point where I just requested Metallica every time I got into the car. From there, I never listened to another pop song again (voluntarily).

That one long winter break we had, which lasted about two weeks, was when I really got into more bands. I had gotten an iTunes giftcard for christmas; it took me no time at all to spend that. Apple had just introduced iTunes Radio. I had a bunch of stations in my favorites, but Queen Radio was most frequently played. One time I was listening to it, and I heard an amazing voice. It was the voice of Tommy Shaw, frontman for Styx. The song was “Too Much Time on My Hands.” It was the first Styx song I had ever heard (except for Mr. roboto…who doesn’t know that song?) That was how I discovered my favorite band. For this reason, I like to call Queen my “gateway band”. It was a domino effect from there; Styx led to Journey, Journey led to REO Speedwagon, REO led to Foreigner, and so on. 

Even just in the past year, my music taste has expanded. Now, I listen to anything from ’50s Blues and Rockabilly to Grunge and Metal. My phone has over 2,500 songs on it and about 19GB of music. All of it is older Rock (except that stupid Adell song that won’t let me delete it).



6 thoughts on “How I Started Listening to Classic Rock

  1. When I was really little (staying with my mom mostly) I heard a lot of pop songs from the early 2000’s but then around the age of 5 when I started living with my dad, he introduced me to a lot of rock and alternative bands and other type of music too.
    Queen is absolutely amazing! As is Metallica and Styx. 🙂 I have a huge range of music that I know and listen to so there are a lot of times when my friends will switch the radio station to something they think I won’t know and I immediately start singing the words to the song or humming the tune and they’re shocked that I know it. :p

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  2. 1. Led Zeppelin IV
    2. Fleetwood Mac Rumors
    3. Tomy Petty and the Heartbreakers (Can I put greatest hits here? I know I can’t, but I’m going to)
    4. Guns n Roses Use Your Illusion II (which I don’t consider classic rock since technically it’s not, but since we’re doing Rock that’s over 25 years old…and actually this one might compete for number 2 with me)
    5. And Chicago’s 2nd album which I think is just called Two.
    Hmm, I know I’m overlooking a few in my haste, but these are the ones I grew up on. I owned 1, 2, and 4, and my dad was constantly playing the others on the radio.

    OK, your turn!


    1. Metallica Black Album
      Metallica Master of Puppets
      Rush 2112
      Queen A Kind of Magic
      Asia’s self titled album
      Styx The Grand Illusion
      Tommy Shaw Girls with Guns
      Tommy Shaw Ambition
      They’re in no particular order. The last four are the first records I bought and discovered myself, and my dad introduced me to the first four. My dad eventually got me hooked on KSHE radio; that’s where I discovered most of the bands I listen to.


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