The Darkness

Every evening, the sun’s last shining rays of the day grab onto you like a child begging his mother to stay. It doesn’t want to leave you as much as you fear the darkness. Every night, though, the fiery ball of hope is ripped from your grasp, and replaced with a handful of doubt and uncertainty. The darkness brings forth visions from your past. The darkness whispers in your ear what you could have done, what you could have been. It takes away every last glimmer of hope you have. Every accomplishment you have made is voided; the darkness makes it seem like your whole life is a waste. It promises to keep your secrets within itself; it doesn’t dare communicate these with the light.

The light of daybreak reinstills that hope, that passion. It refuels your spirit and ambition. The returning light brings with it a new page: A chance to start over. However, every nightfall seems to be of no stranger; it still reminds you of your secrets and failures.


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