Hard Work Pays Off

For months now, I’ve been stressing about college. How am I supposed to pay for this? How am I supposed to get a good education if I can’t afford to go to a university? 

About a week ago, I got accepted into the top school on my list: Webster University. They have a really good audio program there. They also have a chapter of Audio Engineering Society; AES has a lot of sources for internships and jobs, not to mention they have their summit at Webster every year. Webster also has a great study abroad program. And it’s a short drive from my house to the school.

Today, I got home from a long day of school, just about ready to give up all hope. My mom handed me an envelope from Webster University. I open it up to: “Congratulations…” It then continues to tell me that I have been awarded the “Gorlok Gold Academic Scholarship.” This scholarship will cover 56% of my tuition, and is renewable for the rest of the three years I attend Webster! This means that I can make this work financially. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Up until this point, and still, I have been working so hard to keep my grades up. Every last ounce of effort was worth it. Hard work really does pay off.



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