Good Days Gone

The only thing holding me down was the race between me and the sun. Mom would send me out in the early afternoon and call me back in when the sun started to set. My friends and I would do anything outside to keep ourselves occupied: Jump rope, ride bikes, turn sidewalk squares into pieces of art, or just walk around. The last thing we wished for was a rainy day. Then, our only means of communication was either email or calling the other person’s landline. It’s crazy to think that that was less than ten years ago

When I went out to ride my bike, I had to carry a walkie talkie. It’s kind of funny looking back at that now; I never kept that thing on. I took the battery out. When I got home, mom would always yell at me for not responding. I always claimed that the battery was dead, and that the last person that used it didn’t charge it. I liked being free and in the moment; that’s something that I’m a stranger to these days.

I miss the days where I could come home from school, eat a snack, and go play with the neighborhood kids for a little while. I miss not having to worry about other people judging me based on what I appear to be. I miss being outgoing without the fear of a cellphone camera capturing every move I make. I miss the days where popularity wasn’t a thing; everybody seemed to be friends with everybody. I miss the days where happiness was the only emotion I had.



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