A couple of months ago I was at Savers looking for some 45s or 7″ records. I went to the checkout and the guy didn’t know what it was, “Is this like a CD? Or?” My sister and I started laughing; we thought he was kidding. Nope. Dead serious. He was older than me by a couple of years. 

In my record collection, I probably have over 150 albums (12″) and about 30 singles (7″)–all originals. I hate buying reissues. 

Nothing compares to the subtle crackling of a record. Yes, MP3s are more convient and practical, but vinyls sound so much better. 

I have about 50 CDs just in my room. I have this neat lamp that doubles as a CD holder. My CD collection is scattered throughout the house, so I don’t know the exact number I have. 

The world is even moving on from CDs. Everything is digital now. There’s something that I don’t like about digital music; you don’t get the satisfaction of tearing the tape off of the CD case, or the ability to see the fold out on an album. You don’t even get to see the lyrics sleeve (from a vinyl album) or lyrics booklet anymore. 

Here’s a song called “MP3” by Tesla. Tesla was big in the ’80s. This song is from their newest album (2014?) called Simplicity:  It talks about how the world is overrun with technology; things were better back when things were simple. 


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