Why?: An Open Letter

Why is it ok for a teacher to talk bad about her past students like they’re a thing of the past and nothing more? What about your current students? Is it more acceptable to ridicule the people you see daily? Why is it ok to choose favorites and openly show it? Why is it ok to rig fair elections to put one of your favorites into a position of power, or to get the t-shirt color you wanted? Why is it ok to treat people you need like they’re nothing? Why is it not ok to have a different political opinion? Why do you make someone feel awful for having a different opinion? Why is it ok to be a petty, egocentric hypocrite? “I don’t like to keep big groups of people waiting.” Then why is there a big group of people, waiting for you to show up, outside your door? Why do you ignore the people who do the most for you? Why should I do everything to the best of my ability for you when you don’t even give me half a second of your time? Why do you not value our time and expect others to value yours? Why do you not give an ounce of appreciation and expect us to appreciate you? Why do you make people, who never quit anything, want to quit? And, after two  and a half years of being here, why do you still not see all of the damage that’s been done? If you gave me the choice of your way or the highway, I’d skip down the highway. I’ve done enough work your way. 
(A result of two years of built up anger…)


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