Random Saturday Night Thoughts

I was on my way home from running sound for the orchestra concert, and I saw fresh road kill. I was trying my best to swerve around it. Let’s just say that if it wasn’t dead already, it is now.

I have an Etsy shop called “Creations from Vinyl” ( search: creationsfromvinyl) that I need to update. I turn scratched and broken records into record bowls. (I have about 10 bowls just sitting in my basement if anyone wants one) I just started to try to create custom “labels” for them too. Still working out the kinks on that. My latest idea, for my shop, is to create posters of the sound waves of songs with the song title below. One example that I created:sr18sw           I wonder if it’s worth the effort and money to try and sell these.

I’ve been listening to Styx’s new album: The Mission. I find it kind of funny that they decided to do a concept album. In 1984, the band split up for a couple of years because Dennis DeYoung was coming up with too many concept album ideas. Tommy Shaw said that it was hard for him to come up with songs about robots for their 1983 album Kilroy Was Here. It wouldn’t be until 1996 that the more popular lineup would get back together. Unfortunately, their original drummer died the same year of their reunion. The original drummer and original bass player are twins. Kinda cool, being a twin myself. Anyway, the album is alright. Most of its songs are really good, but there are one or two songs that fall flat.  It’s basically about the journey of a crew of people on their mission to Mars.

I splurged and ordered a poster with a Tom Petty quote: “Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates, and does all of these incredible things.” There are no better words to explain the “magic” of music. I also just came across my Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Joe Walsh ticket. I went to see them in Kansas City back in June. That was one magical night. I’ve never been to a concert like it. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.


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