I’ve only applied to one college so far: University of Memphis. I just recently received  my acceptance letter! Now, I have to write a research paper about audio watermarks, and how I think they will be used in the future, for my application to the school of music. In February, I will have to go back for an interview. Personally, I love the campus, and I love the atmosphere of the school. I also love the city; it’s rich in music history. The only barrier between me and this school, or any university, is money. Next year, my family will have four kids in college, so even if they wanted to, my parents wouldn’t be much help with paying for tuition.

Some other colleges I’m looking forward to applying to: Webster, Delta State (in Mississippi– who wouldn’t want their school mascot to be an okra? ), Middle Tennessee State University, and Belmont (in Nashville).

Since I’m going into the audio field, I technically don’t even need to go to college. So, my other option for school would be an audio school called Recording Connections. This school will take me six months to a year to complete. After I learn everything there is to know about audio and live sound, I will be given an opportunity for an externship.  This means (I think) that I will be traveling and touring with a live sound engineer and learning hands-on. Alongside this school, I would go to St. Louis Community College to get either an associate’s degree in business administration or a certificate for travel and tourism. The travel and tourism certificate will help me if I decide that I also want to become a tour manager. The business administration degree will help me if I decide to start up my own business.

We’ll see how it plays out in the next couple of months.



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