FOH Magazine

I’m in an article in a magazine called Front of House (FOH). This magazine is given to audio industry professionals; it advertises new technology and highlights industry professionals. The article that I’m in is about the summer camp I went to.  (I think I’ve mentioned it before.) The camp is called Sound Girls. It gives teenage girls the opportunity to try their hand at live audio production. The program itself is an international organization. The camp in St. Louis took place at Delmar Hall in the loop. All week we learned some some very basic, but important, skills: Gain structure, signal flow, etc. We also got to bring in our personal instruments to experiment with. At the end of the week, we set up, ran, and loaded out four acts; the show was open to the public.  It gave me a glimpse into the world of audio. I’ve never been so passionate about anything in my life; this camp only strengthened that.

(The article in the September edition: )


Bob Dylan is currently on tour, but he’s not coming to St. Louis. I’m trying to convince my parents that going to Chicago for a weekend to see Bob Dylan would be fun. We’ll see. I’ve been known to talk my parents into doing things like this. I’ve almost got them convinced. Persistence is key!


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