Yes, We’re Twins…

The first question I get asked when someone finds out that I am a twin is: “Do you like being a twin?” The answer is yes and no. It gives me someone to talk to about things that I like. Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many other girls my age, that I know, that love Metallica and Motley Crue. It’s nice to be able to talk about music without having to explain who everyone is. For example: We were both over the moon when we heard that Sebastian Bach was coming to Left Bank Books to do a book signing. (I realize that most of the people reading this don’t know who he is. Look him up). Obviously we both knew who he was, but the people I told did not. Funny thing: When we met him, the first words out of his mouth were, “Are you two twins?” That is another question that I get 99% of the time. Next time someone asks, I’m going to tell them no. I’ve done that once. The reaction was priceless.

Now, there are probably more negatives to being a twin, in my eyes, than positives. The most unbearable negative is that we are always looked at as the same person. Just because my sister does something, people expect me to do the same.  My parents are guilty of doing this. About a year ago, my dad, sister, and I were supposed to go on a highly anticipated road trip. My sister, being your average teenage girl with an attitude, decides to mouth off not one, but both of my parents. Let’s just say that by the end of that day the trip was cancelled. For the both of us. We are constantly seen as the same person. I lost the only friends I had from middle school because of something my sister said. I made sure to step back from that argument, but I was still burned. I want to be my own person. I mean, we have two different career paths. I want to go into audio, and she wants to go into history. We’re just not the same person.

In 8th grade, I remember getting a bad score on a vocab test. My teacher came up and talked to me. She mentioned that I should not have an excuse for a bad grade because I could be studying with my sister. My sister and I don’t have a perfect relationship. I’d rather do things by myself- studying included.

Honestly, I don’t mind being called “the Ingli Twins” but I want to be seen as an individual. We both think and act differently. We have different styles. We. Are. Individuals.


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