An Idea for a Short Story…

My idea for a short story is to take a crime and create it into a story. A little background first: Back in the 80s, my great uncle, Don Hawkins, was a radio DJ on KBPI in Denver. Their famous tagline was, “KBPI rrrrrrrocks the Rrrrrrrrrockies.”  He and his radio partner had a radio show called Steven B. and The Hawk. They would create fake products for a fake company; kind of like a parody product. Their fake Company was called Wamco. This would air in the same fashion as, say, the KSHE Morning Rock Show. I’m not sure if it was live, or if it was recorded and aired later. My great uncle died in the 90s, and the show kind of fell apart from there. Flash Forward to the year 2006. Steven B’s father had just died; he got his inheritance. At the time, he had a roommate by the name of Harvey Morrow. Harvey was a stockbroker at the time, and knew his way around the banking world. Steven asked him to open up an account at the bank for him. Slowly, Harvey took money from Steven. He put it in a bank in the British Virgin Islands. He then continued to take money from the foreign account and funnel money into a US account. Harvey wanted to go on a boating trip with Steven. A couple days later, Steven went missing. Then, Harvey went missing. Harvey disappeared after he said Steven moved to Hawaii. About a week later, Steven’s body washed up on shore. He had been shot and thrown in the ocean. Harvey moved to a different state and became a car salesman. He was busted after his roommate there, who was a cop, did a background check on him. Harvey was charged with Murder for financial gain.

I would like to turn this event into a story in the point of view of Harvey with what his thoughts were throughout. The story would most likely end when the two go on the boat trip. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not since it is based on a true story. I don’t want to be retelling the actual story by mistake. My plan is to keep some details the same, but change most of them. The general outline will remain almost the same as the actual event. I would also like to add some flashbacks in the story.


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